Chef Christian's open kitchen and custom wood-fired grill are the center of the action at Citizen Rail, and guests in the dining room get a front-row seat to the show. Out on the heated patio there’s a lively scene all its own; cozy and sociable, it’s an ideal perch for a Union Station happy hour, dinner with friends or weekend brunch.






Collaboration lies at the heart of Chef Christian's cooking, whether it’s working with local farmers, ranchers and artisans to source the finest ingredients, or teaming with fellow chefs to support the sustainability of regional food systems.

During his tenure at San Diego’s JSix, Chef Christian was a leading light in the city’s food movement, co-founding the popular Cooks Confab and forging relationships with local purveyors. He continues this practice in Colorado, where his Citizen Rail menu is inspired by the state’s excellent local meats, produce, and provisions.


When it comes to sourcing proteins, Chef Christian is meticulous. He searches out wild venison from Texas, tender Sonoma ducks, and cattle raised on spring water and pristine Wyoming pasture. Adjacent to the grill, you’ll find sides of house-butchered Colorado lamb slowly maturing in Citizen Rail’s dry-aging room alongside hand-cut venison and pork steaks, rabbit and fowl. Our charcuterie program also makes use of the regional meats that Chef Christian shepherds from the pasture to the plate. Citizen Rail’s sausages, pâtés and hams are smoked and cured in-house, naturally.